The Unicorn


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End of my Silly Saturday. This is just a blooper, The Unicorn done in the likes of Irish Rovers, Please do sing along while I attempt to sing, lol.
Please keep in mind, I release this in the silly category "Not professional singer category, lol" Take a drink, gummy or toke, before listening, whatever gets you by on your days down, bring out your silly, we all know we need that here and there, lol.
Take care thank you so kindly for downloading, subscribing and sharing..
Be careful with the tokes cause in some countries you can become incarcerated for a very long time, just for partaking in a herb that has been on this planet before humans began to walk.
Music by Mr. Wowk
I'm DannyB, saying cheers for now.

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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