PSP #4: Everything Was Fine Until We Started This Podcast.


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In this PSP, we revisit The Residuals’ interview with Bonnie & Courtney (S2E5: Burying the Lede). Our fearless/fearful hosts tell stories about having their sleeping heads pet by invisible hands, Emily’s electrical interferences in her home & subsequent crystal cleansing, words of warning from Courtney, & an EVP we missed the first time! Did you hear it? Listen really close at the end & then go sage your speakers. Eep! We’d love to hear from you! Please email us your topic suggestions and ScareMail to

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Between the present & past there are memories held in the walls & earth. Join Emily & Joy as they explore the spaces between the living & the dead. Hauntings, extrasensory perception, & all things paranormal. Welcome to The Residuals.


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