Rashomom (RERUN)


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This week, we are revising RASHOMOM! A Judge John Hodgman Classic that originally ran nearly ten years ago! Rebekah, her mother Denise and grandmother Gloria bring to the court a generational clash of memory — specifically, whose memory is more reliable, an adult’s or a child’s? Denise is positive she lived next door to a grey house as a child, while Gloria insists the house exists only as a figment of her daughter’s imagination. Rebekah has played referee many times in the dispute of the Grey House Universe, but she has several issues of her own with her mother’s allegedly faulty memory. Each testimony accepted, each dispute resigned; it’s maternal sunshine of the spotless mind. In this match of memories, we turn to the man who never forgets: Judge John Hodgman!

As the Judge mentioned, check out David Rees' book HOW TO SHARPEN PENCILS. And make sure to listen to the 12/28/21 episode of ELECTION PROFIT MAKERS, "Episode 126: Florida Pizza Restaurant Infomercial," for something unexpectedly meaningful and heartfelt.

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