Episode 41: Validas’s Generic Safety Plan


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To make the process of building safe products more efficient and reliable, Validas has developed a generic safety plan for software and safety elements out of context (SEOOC), which has the added benefit of generating all the required ISO documents automatically from its model. In this episode Dr. Oscar Slotosch presents the generic safety plan and explains how it can be used to speed up the creation of safety cases — for a variety of safety standards and projects.

The full list of Validas’s innovative products can be found on our website.

If you would like to learn more about the topics Oscar discusses in this episode, join us in some of our previous episodes, such as Episode 11: Tool Chain Analyzer, Episode 43: TCA-SW — Tool Chain Analyzer for Software, Episode 36: Safety Element out of Context — SEooc, Episode 16: Library Qualification, or Episode 30: Process Modeling Tool. If you would like to learn more about Validas’s new products, join us in our short question episode, Question 07: What is a growing QKit?

Your producer and friendly representative of the audience in this episode has been Ivana Kurecic.

We can be reached through podcast@validas.de and all information about Validas can be found on our website, validas.de.

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