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When men living in Muskegon prison watch the breaking news of George Floyd’s murder on TV, they decide to host a one-of-a-kind celebration of life. This story is a tribute to Robert “Silk” Cannon Junior.

This episode contains strong language and references to police violence. Sensitive listeners, please be advised.

Special thanks to William Welch and Dee Dee Kirkwood who helped make the bagel sandwich a reality for the men in Muskegon. Additional shout-outs to Catherine Nouhan, Stephen Carmody, and Delores Ingram.

And major thanks to Tana Ganeva, a criminal justice reporter who has written extensively about Michael Thompson’s incarceration and petitions for clemency. You can read more about the George Floyd celebration of life in her article in The Counter. Tana is currently working on a book about Cold War escapees.

Produced by Shaina Shealy, original score by Renzo Gorrio

Artwork by Teo Ducot

Season 12 - Episode 48

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