In Search of a Black Utopia from VICE News Reports


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This past year Adizah Eghan noticed an interesting trend on social media: everyone seemed to be living it up in Tulum, Mexico. Some were flocking there to have a good time, while others were seeking something much deeper: they wanted to escape racism and seek refuge with like-minded people. Adizah traveled to Mexico to experience the vibes of Tulum for herself -- and also dig into why Black people are seeking refuge in a small fishing town south of Cancun.

This piece comes to us from our friends at VICE News Reports. VICE has so many amazing stories, make sure you subscribe to their podcast asap!

This episode contains explicit language, sensitive listeners please be advised.

Special thanks to Nubia Younge, Patricia Talley, and all those in Tulum!

This episode was produced by Adizah Eghan and edited by Kate Osborn and James T. Green with help from Annie Aviles and Stephanie Kariuki. The original score is by Kyle Murdock.

Artwork by Teo Ducot

Season 12 - Episode 47

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