6: Christina Gets Real: PDF One-Sheets & Pitch Templates


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Podcasters often ask me what they should have in place before starting to guest on podcasts or pitching to podcasts. Well, besides obvious reasons like a solid presence or solid call to action, what you really need is a pitch template. It’s a huge save timer and can save you loads of effort along the way. And, attention here, I insist on the template over the popular “one sheet” thing. The template will always be ready-to-go and let you adjust and adapt the content to the context, propose topic ideas, and even include some audio snippets. This is really going hit on your credibility markers and open more doors.

So, what does it take to create a solid pitch template?

[01:11] What is the one thing you should do before you start guesting on podcasts or pitching to podcasts.?

[02:07] The real reason people fixate on creating one sheet.

[02:22] What a solid pitch template looks like and why you need one.

[04:30] Guidelines and tips for creating a solid pitch.

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