How AI is a Game Changer in Debt Collection, with Anand Mahurkar


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Artificial Intelligence is a more than a hot-button topic lately. It's a group of technologies that is revolutionizing our way of life. From asking Siri on your smartwatch to the emergence of self-driving cars, machine learning and computers that “think” are rapidly working their way into every home, office and garage—as well as our pockets and wrists.

Anand Mahurkar spent three years on the advisory team for IBM’s Watson before founding Boston-based Findability Sciences. The AI technology his team has developed helps tech-centric businesses like MetCredit leverage data-driven machine learning algorithms that enable us to become progressively more effective for our clients.

In this fascinating episode, Bryn Griffiths talks to Anand about how AI-driven predictions can help MetCredit collection agents identify the optimum time to reach, connect with and collect from debtors—making us more effective and helpful than we’ve ever been. By harnessing AI, we dramatically reduce the number of calls required to collect a debt, enabling our industry-leading performance to continuously improve.

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