#174: How You're Sabotaging Your Business With These 5 Toxic Mindsets


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You always struggle to make progress in your business.

Everyone seems to be against you.

You can’t hire anyone because they’ll never do it as well as you can.

You simply can’t bring yourself to leave the security of your day job.

These are all symptoms of negative mindsets that are holding you back from your full potential as an audio engineer and entrepreneur!

By working to defeat negative mindsets, you can be much more comfortable in your own shoes and teach yourself to succeed rather than waiting for someone to hand things to you on a platter.

Listen to this episode now to find out how you can identify and eliminate five different toxic mindsets that are ruining your chances of success!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to work on eliminating negative mindsets
  • Which negative mindsets might be affecting you
  • How the “blue-collar” mindset can hold your business back
  • Why outsourcing low-paying tasks can increase your hourly earnings
  • Why reacting negatively to someone else’s success is a sign of a bad mindset
  • How playing the victim will stop you in your tracks
  • Why holding grudges steals your time and energy
  • How fear negatively affects your business
  • What mental blocks the fixed mindset causes… And why they’re wrong
  • How Chris and Brian both overcame a fixed mindset to become successful business owners

For full show notes, visit https://6figurecreative.com/174

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