How To Train Your Brain To Become Calmer, Happier, Age Slower, Improve Health & Lose Weight? Patrick Porter


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On this episode, Dr Patrick Porter explains the science behind BrainTap - and how you can train your brain to become calmer, happier and perform better. And the best part is, some of this can be done in just 20 minutes per day.

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Here is what we discuss in this episode:

How Dr. Porter Came Out With the BrainTap Technology?

How Does BrainTap Work?

Importance of Guided Visualization and Music

BrainTap Sessions vs Going to A Neuro-Feedback Facility

Can We Change Brain State on a Regular Basis?

What Are Gamma Brain Waves?

The Purpose of Each Brain Training

What Is SMR and How It Differs from Alpha Training?

How Frequent Should Each Training Can Be Done?

Is It Possible to Play Other Audio While Running Delta Training?

Dr Porter's Top Anti-Aging Tips

How to purchase BrainTap Headset?

Check out the full show notes and a link to try BrainTap for just $0.99 at

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