254: Pilots Against the Vax Mandate—Jason Kunisch


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No need to wonder if pilots and other transportation industry leaders are fighting the tyrannical vax mandates. Seasoned commercial airline pilot Jason Kunisch is resounding proof that the answer is yes. Kunisch has flown many types of aircraft, currently the Airbus A320 for a major airline.

A sizable minority of pilots (and locomotive engineers, and subway personnel, and Air Traffic Controllers) have joined him in the movement to demand relief from the mandate to get the Covid injection. The group is called US Freedom Flyers. And their work is catching on all over the world. This is a very important conversation not only for airline customers but all freedom fighters.

US Freedom Flyers is a group of transportation industry employees who have come together to fight federal and state mandates which aim to strip Citizens of their right to medical freedom. Together, in partnership with Health Freedom Defense Fund and The Davillier Law Group, we lead to preserve Informed Consent and defend Constitutional rights.

"Our goal is to push back against the US government’s threats of vaccine mandates for private businesses. We know this effort is not simply a matter of employees versus companies, but citizens opposing illegal and tyranical mandates by the US government".

In this Interview You Will Learn

👉The trigger moment that changed Kunisch’s life direction toward fighting tyranny 👉The reason why the pilots and others in US Freedom Fighters joined the effort 👉Why this crisis has never been about Covid or “safety” 👉The group’s outstanding legal team 👉Insights into how fat and happy everyone has become in talking liberty for granted 👉The relationship between mask compliance and “vaccine” compliance 👉Why Kunisch believes the tide is turning in the transportation industry

Resources Mentioned

👉For resources of how you can help, and other resources check out the US Freedom Flyers website: https://www.usfreedomflyers.org/

Watch this episode on our website: https://www.patrickcoffin.media/pilots-against-the-vax-mandate/

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