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Summary by Peyton Smith
Hour 1, segment 1: Good news if one works for the Canadian federal government. Federal staff will get new lounging chairs to relax.
It's okay though...they don't have to pay for it.
Nutrients can mimic pharmacological effects of medicine.
Not exactly a news flash, but there it is.
Drugs are synthesized from nutrients.
Mike gets into this story. It's a few steps behind the game, to say the least.
Hour 1, segment 2: (AUDIO) A Global News report covers the horrible tragedy of how double vaxxed sheeple are getting infected with....Covid!
(AUDIO) A report from Greg Reese details UK data from Public Health England, which shows that the vax is an immune system killer among the double jabbed.
(AUDIO) Mike rolls the opening dialogue from the 2008 movie Doomsday, and gives it some analysis.
Enjoy all this, and more, in an outstanding hour 1 from Mike.
Hour 2, segment 1: (AUDIO) Jack Prosobiec has published leaked audio from the DOJ, which shows how they are planning to deal with certain folks who want religious exemptions from the vax on the basis that aborted fetal cells are used in it.
Mike reads a bit from a comic book issued to the U.S. military in 2011, which is rather rediculous to say the least.
The history of the 1914 Komogota Maru incident has resurfaced today.
The Komagata Maru incident involved the Japanese steamship Komagata Maru, on which a group of people from British India attempted to immigrate to Canada in April 1914, but most were denied entry and forced to return to Calcutta. There, the Indian Imperial Police attempted to arrest the group leaders.
How is this?
Mike gets into it.
(AUDIO) Systemic racist fueled bullying reports by kids in Canada are on the rise.
Is this the case, or have the public school schools done too good of a job hammering a narrative into their heads?
The recent municipal elections in Edmonton and Calgary seem to counter the systemic racism narrative.
Mike goes into this in depth.
Hour 2, segment 2: (AUDIO) Despite health warnings, horse medicine is being purchased to treat Covid-19.
Mike gets into this a bit.
An encouraging poll shows the Alberta Independence movement gaining traction. 40% of Albertans now support getting out of the sinkhole of confederation.
Mike analyzes the numbers.
High gas taxes make high gas prices more painful.
News from the pope.
Pope Francis invoked God while pressuring silicon valley to censor "hate speech" and "conspiracy theories."
Strange he would invoke God, seeing as how the pontiff doesn't know him at all.
Total lack of cred.
Enjoy all this, and much more, in a very entertaining hour 2 from Mike.

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