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How many of you travelers can attest that staying fit during your globe-trotting journey is challenging? When you hear "digital nomad", the first thing that comes to your mind is a person enjoying the sun on a tropical beach somewhere, maybe sipping on a delicious cocktail. The reality is digital nomad is a lifestyle that takes time (and tears, sweat, and blood) to achieve. Besides the usual grinding on our laptops, our weapon of choice, it takes discipline and routines to stay healthy living this lifestyle. Eric Lashun, the curator of The Freedom Lifestyle blog, can attest to that.

Our hosts, Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski, together with Eric, talked about the perks and the challenges of being a digital nomad. They discussed how important your body’s nutritional needs are, especially when you’re travelling and in a foreign country. All three of them can definitely say that it’s not just about sunshine and good food, it’s also about the discipline and the cultural experience you gain in your travels. So if you’re into fitness and healthy living, digital nomad or not, listening to this episode is a must.
[6:02] Digital nomads: the laptop-wielding warriors

[11:18] Routines are your day’s map

[13:35] Good food, good you

[16:16] Your body’s input is your body’s output

[18:17] Japan: an introvert’s haven

[21:53] Bring a travel partner or not?


Eric Lashun, a seasoned digital nomad, has lived in over 30 countries and is obsessed with his nomadic lifestyle. Back in 2013, he got a job with an airline. He discovered the world of traveling and is determined to continue this life after the airline business. He writes about his journey of being a digital nomad to help others like himself.
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