EVOVLE 38: Living Authentically and Coming Out Boldly with Yogi and Entrepenuer Abbey Daw


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Abbey Daw has been teaching for 18 years in various studio’s throughout Utah. RYT 200 hour, 500 hour as a 300 hour yoga therapy certification through Inbody Academy.

Abbey has also trained with Ana Forrest and has completed her advanced training in NYC in 2013. She is an entrepreneur at heart and won entrepreneur of the year in 2015 for the SLC woman’s business center for her first business Sweat & Soul. She is currently the founder of Magik Breath & Meditation which empowers women to embody their light and live their purposes through her transformational breath and meditation courses.

She has recently launched her magik mentoring business where she works with women on their journey to embodiment and finding their purpose. In Abbey’s spare time she enjoys mountain biking and drinking coffee. She is currently writing a book and aspires to be an author and will complete this dream in 2021.

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