Episode 43 - Building Up Our Reserves Of Resilience


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Shaa talks to Calum Simpson, an Empowered alumni. They discuss his personal journey, which has seen him overcome both physical and health challenges. How these have impacted him, and why resilience is such an essential factor in all areas of life.


  • Just because others try to pigeonhole you, or think you incapable of achieving things, it should never limit your potential.
  • When we persevere at something for a long time, we lose sight of the incremental progress we are making. Reflection is essential to recognise the breadth of our journey.
  • Having a plan, a focus, a goal, is crucial in instilling a sense of resilience. If we face setbacks, we should focus on this future goal and remember our purpose in endeavour.
  • Always embrace self-control, even in the moments where we feel ourselves losing grip on our emotions. In the end, the greatest damage we do by losing control is to ourselves.


'Mental health is something we should talk about every day, not just once a year'

'If you really want something, you do anything you want'

'Quick fixes aren't going to get you anywhere'

'Don't ever say you can't do something unless you've tried it'


Building A Bigger Table Podcast - https://omny.fm/shows/building-a-bigger-table

Calum SImpson Facebook - www.facebook.com/cscoachingservices

Calum Simpson Instagram – www.instagram.com/exerciseandmentalhealthcoach


Hi, I’m Shaa.

I’ve been called a serial entrepreneur … but I’ve never been one for labels!

I’ve done SO many things in my career, including starting and scaling multiple 7 figure businesses, and am grateful for being recognised with some lovely awards - most proudly, an MBE from The Queen “for Services to Business and Entrepreneurship”.

I’ve been featured in major publications for my efforts (named one of the UK’s Top 20 Most Influential Entrepreneurs by The Sunday Times and one of the ‘Most Influential Women in the UK' by the Institute of Directors), and have written 4 straight-talking, bestselling books; Stop Talking, Start Doing; Stop Talking, Start Doing Action Book, Do Less, Get More; and most recently, How To Fix Your Shi*t.


Website - https://www.shaa.com/

Facebook - https://en-gb.facebook.com/shaawasmund/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/shaawasmund/


Calum is one of the first exercise and mental health coaches in the UK.

He works with individuals to help improve their mental health through exercise. Callum’s passion for this came from his childhood, growing up with a learning difficulty that was never diagnosed. He loves to help people that can’t help themselves and to see people grow mentally and physically stronger through exercise.

Facebook - https://en-gb.facebook.com/cscoachingservices

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/exerciseandmentalhealthcoach

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