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Summary by Peyton Smith
(MONOLOGUE) Mike discusses what occurred at his home last Sunday, where he turned over the pulpit to brother Martin Comeau in order to helm the Sunday School for all the children present.
Mike describes a very powerful experience which took place with one of the children.
The holy spirit of God is truly present in Mike's place.
Hour 1, segment 1: (AUDIO)Eating dogs and cats is legal in Canada? Yes, it is a very disturbing reality north of the 49th parallel.
(AUDIO)Mike gives a dissertation on how to play the drums, and it's as simple as knowing how to count to 4.
Has music been, for the longest time, just a rehashing of the same 4 chords? Have so many of our favorite songs simply been a recycling of these chords?
Mike rolls a clinic from the Axis of Awesome, which shows that so many people have been bamboozled to think their favorite musicians are somehow geniuses.
Hour 1, segment 2: (AUDIO) A woman who was once assigned to civic integrity at Facebook now claims that Facebook chose profit over public safety.
Alberta is past the "heat dome." Whew. Now we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.
Still, it's been a horrible year to be a glacier.
Mike goes through some good old fashioned environment fear porn.
A sword wielding ninja takes on special ops troops in a California airport.
Is there more to this bizarre story?
Mike gets into it.
Enjoy all this, and more, in a very entertaining and informative hour 1 from Mike.
Hour 2, segment 1: How about a little jailhouse justice?
(AUDIO) First up is Michael Corey, who is facing 45 charges of child sex crimes, who was beaten to a pulp by fellow inmates.
Next up is Michael Briscoe.
Michael Briscoe, a suspect in the slayings of 13-year-old Nina Courtepatte and prostitute Ellie May Meyer, is recovering from beatings received in Edmonton's Remand Centre, his brother said.
Briscoe eventually had to eat razor blades in order to go to the infirmary to stop the beatings.
Mike segues into the sickening case of Sarah Everard's murder at the hands of Wayne Couzins.
A very good op-ed from an ex cop which should give anyone a shake, and make us think about policing here in North America.
Canadian rapper Tom Macdonald has dropped a new song, "America," and he gives a statement on why he wrote it.
A very interesting fellow, who credits living in America over the last ten years for saving his life.
Listen and enjoy!
Hour 2, segment 2: (AUDIO)Fauci spoke at McGill University in Montreal, where he told Canadians to give up their freedoms, for the greater good of society.
Both he and Theresa Tam should be imprisoned for the pain and hurt they have wreaked.They will get theirs, whether in this life or the next.
(AUDIO) Rand Paul was a guest on Laura Ingraham's program, where his exchange with Xavier Becerra is discussed, along with health professional insanity over getting people jabbed, and more.
(AUDIO) Hugh Hewitt sizzles Fauci to an absolute crisp.
Hugh asks him if there is a point where he will say he has caused more harm than good, and step aside?
In answering, Fauci's arrogant defiance and filthy lies are on display once again.
Still, on the whole, Hugh skewered him good and proper in this exchange.
Enjoy all this, and much more, in a very excellent hour 2 from Mike.

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