011 | Siblings & Grief in Jade City


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Is this a discussion or is Elia just in love with Lan and made Rea read the book? Both. Definitely both. An exciting episode on Fonda Lee’s Jade City and everything that makes this book great! There was world-building, interesting sibling dynamics, and more that made us love this book, so take the time to join us in obsessing over this world.

Supporting talking points in this episode: world-building!, Rea’s fixation on labeling things as the five stages of grief, Elia’s love for sad older siblings, Kaul Lan’s greatness

Labyrinth of the Bizarre is a podcast that reviews and discusses spec fiction, which is an umbrella term for all subgenres of science fiction and fantasy such as urban fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, superhero, and post-apocalyptic. Elia forgets the definition every episode.


Elia’s Jade City playlists:

- On my honor, my life, and my jade

- get up, keep going | Kaul Lan

- i don’t feel anything anymore | Kaul Hilo

- Red Dead Redemption 2

- Unwell: A Midwestern Gothic Mystery Podcast

- First Nations Development

- Resource to find out whose land you are inhabiting

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