SPI 514: The Fall of FlynnCon...


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#514 I started my speaking career in 2011 at FinCon, the financial blogger conference. I got called onto the main stage at the last minute because the keynote speaker was unable to make it. I was kind of thrown into the deep end, and although I was nervous and scared, it was a life-changing moment. Flash-forward to 2018, when I decided to host my own conference. I pitched the idea to Team SPI, and we decided that in the summer of 2019 we'd put on an event in San Diego for 500 people who wanted to come. The very first FlynnCon was an amazing experience, a family-friendly event where entrepreneurs could come together and learn and connect (and even play some Mario Kart). Then of course in 2020, everything changed. We'd hoped to run back FlynnCon for a second year, but the pandemic had something to say about that. So we delayed it by a year. But soon we realized that hosting an in-person event in 2021 wasn't going to happen either. Long story short, FlynnCon was an incredible experience that may or may not happen again. But in the meantime, we're still moving forward on creating highly valuable experiences for entrepreneurs to come together and learn—like this month's Audience Driven Summit. Today, I'll share all the details about how FlynnCon came to be, how we tried to plan its sequel through the pandemic, and what you can look forward to in our upcoming summit. It may not be FlynnCon, but it'll still be a blast (and it's free!). Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session514.

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