Are You Leveraging This Power? (DAUGHTER)


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The math on compound interest is staggering. Even if you know this stuff already, seeing it in a different light will put a smile on your face and increase your confidence in your plan.

================ LISTENER QUESTION/COMMENTS ================ Is there any consistency to the market now (Rocio)

What can I do about a contractor that didn't complete some work (Mark)

How much money is required to get started investing (Marteen, Cape Town)

================ TOPICS =============== When can putting your finances on auto pilot destroy your plan?

RED ALERT WARNING: Come on! Why is this company still around?

MONEY HACK: The worst myth about cars that keeps costing people money

I TOLD YOU SO: A museum says they gave an artist $84,000 in cash to use in artwork. Guess what happened?

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