The Personal Branding Journey | Ep. 185


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What's up everyone, we're talking about your personal branding journey this week, going from who you were to who you want to be next.

How do we get from who we used to be to where we want to go with our personal brand? We're going to answer a few questions today. I know that when I was getting into my journey as a personal brand, figuring out how I wanted to tell my story to the world, get my name out there, and build my reputation, it was definitely a journey.


  • Learn how to integrate your past with your present
  • Be inspired to create your new future
  • Learn what steps to take to become the brand you want to be


"Who you used to be is an integral part of your identity and who you plan to be."

"I think to pick a niche, you have to look at who you are becoming."

"You might need to get out there and develop some new skills or learn how to apply your old skills to your new role, your new identity."

"What you don't want to do when you're becoming something is just to be a duplicate copy of someone else who you see as that future vision of what you want to be, a carbon copy of someone else."

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