Sales Acceleration through Connecting Technical and Business Value


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Today’s buyers are inundated with sales pitches coming at them from websites, peer reviews, social media, and email blasts. Is it any wonder they’re overloaded, overwhelmed, and tuned out? The fact is, product-centered pitching simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Buyers don’t want to hear about your product’s features―they want to hear about how it can solve their problems or help them reach their goals.

This Asher Sales Sense Podcast - “Sales Acceleration through Connecting Technical and Business Value” - features host John Asher with guest Brent Keltner, Founder and President of Winalytics, helping clients reach their top growth potential by shifting from product-driven conversations to authentic conversations that anchor on what buyers and customers value most. Brent also is the author of the forthcoming book The Revenue Acceleration Playbook.


  • Why did Brian Keltner write his new book The Revenue Acceleration Playbook?
  • What is a value playbook? And, why is it so important to sales success?
  • And what about buyer personas? How do they work together with a value playbook?
  • How do you apply value playbooks to a more technical or engineering-oriented sale?
  • What does it mean to connect technical and business value? How does that help close more sales and expand more sales?
  • How does anchoring on value help with pricing and pricing negotiations in a technical sale?

Listen to the answers to these questions and learn how you can stop selling, start connecting, and accelerate your sales.

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