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Summary by Peyton Smith
(MONOLOGUE)What if we are not in fact going into tyranny? Could it be that the entire world is instead heading towards a state of bondage and slavery?
Through actions of their own, have the multitudes been begging for the same nightmare that Australia is currently facing?
As unpopular as it might be for many to even contemplate, that is the focus of today's program.
Hour 1, segment 1: Mike discusses the sermon he delivered yesterday at his house, and the continued blessings that God has bestowed not only on his family, but all the brothers and sisters who attend church at his house.
The blessings of our savior, Jesus Christ, truly know no bounds.
Both the Blessings and Cursings of the Bible are clearly unfolding here, in 2021.
With that in mind, Mike turns attention towards Australia and the situation there that looms for many nations.
(AUDIO) Dr. Kerry Chant says that life in Oz will never return to normal. A literal state of psychosis seems to be brought forth by the authorities.
Mike looks beyond the media presentation of the madness, and how it indeed reflects what is written in God's word. The prophet Isaiah warned that if people put off God, women and children will rule over them.
Is that what is happening in Australia? It seems to appear that way.
Why are so many otherwise nice Australian's feeling the brunt of such evil? How have they been living while in lockdown?
Our Lord knows how they've been living.
Aside from hard core Christians, Satanists have a very keen understanding of God's covenants. They laugh at all who, out of ignorance, take their bait of sinful bile. Whether that be through a steady diet of disgusting TV shows, music, etc...the ignorant are there in droves to lap it all up and be beguiled by Satan.
Is it any wonder the world is now facing such turmoil?
Satan's first appearance in the bible speaks volumes.
Adam and Eve had literally everything. They had no need nor did they have want for anything.
But they took Satan's bait, as did the writer of this summary.
There is grace from God though, praise his name!
Hour 1, segment 2: Are the majority of people in the U.S. and Canada simply getting the evil mediocrity they deserve in Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden?
A woman of the church that Mike attended as a young man with his parents prophesied that he would become an Elijah of his generation.
What does that say about a generation?
It says that many who are a part of it are in desperate trouble.
Over and over we read and hear about people who may not have been molesters or rapists.
Good old boy's who make dirty jokes, or perhaps watch some porn here and there.
It is these folks for whom judgement comes.
Israel is enduring one of the harshest lockdown's the world has seen. Horrible measures which are bringing people to tears, and making them plead for help.
Tel Aviv, the red light district of the middle east, has been home to much debauchery for many years.
What about businesses that have proudly displayed the LGBT flag over the last number of years? So many that have brazenly flouted immortality like this have been shuttered under lockdown's.
What could've happened?
For all who are being plagued by such sinfulness, there is grace, mercy, and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.
Mike points to a chapter of Deuteronomy, that basically consists of blessings and cursings.
A person gets to choose their own outcome.
Mike goes through both the blessings and the cursings in this chapter.
The blessings that happen with God working in one's life are phenomenal, as Mike points out. Harken unto the voice of the savior, then blessed shall one be in the city or in the field.
Your enemies will tuck their tales and flee.
It's a pretty darn good deal.
Keep the commandments of our Lord, and see what happens.
Enjoy and be blessed by an hour 1 of almighty power from Mike, anointed by Jesus Christ.
Hour 2, segment 1: Why are things getting so bad for so many people?
Why are they getting better for many?
It's all about how we live and who we live for.
The Lord shall command his blessing upon you in the storehouse, and ALL THAT YOU PUT YOUR HAND TO.
That means everything.
Why are so many otherwise nice Australian's feeling the brunt of such evil? How have they been living, while in lockdown.
A holy people in word, as well as deed, is where we need to be.
If we are full of God's truth, we shall be set free.
The alternative is forsaking the Lord, and perishing. Pestilence will be upon all who take the wrong path.
The health of America and so many nations is at it's poorest. Why could that be? Why are disease rates so off the charts?
Captivity, bondage, and loss is also in the offing for all who walk with blinded eyes.
A very bad deal, but one which can be avoided.
All these curses, and more, will come upon ALL who don't harken to the voice of the Lord and keep his commandments.
Hour 2, segment 2: Choose this day whom you shall serve.
Are we hearing about food shortages?
Yes we are. Why could that be?
God's word indeed explains so much about what is happening in the world today.
He didn't come into the world to condemn it, for the world was already condemned.
Think of entire nations who were once all powerful and prosperous, but fell to mass starvation and oppression.
Why was that brought about?
Could it be that these nations, en masse, turned away from God?
We live in the sickest generation ever.
In western society, we have every empty thrill and lustful desire at our fingertips,yet depression is off the charts.
Shouldn't we be happier than ever?
We think we have everything, but at the same time walk in fear of everything....because we have lost our way so horribly.
Living in fear or in doubt of one's life is yet another curse.
People who think they are wealthy and above it all will not be exempt.
Keep the commandments of our Lord and savior, seek repentance, forgiveness, and the grace which he wants for all of us.
Look inside yourself.
Be blessed and filled with the holy spirit.

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