Dear Evan Hansen: Kaitlyn Dever on What Made Ben Platt the Ideal Scene Partner


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It’s always a delight chatting with Kaitlyn Dever, but it was especially exciting to finally welcome her to Collider Ladies Night! Dever is currently celebrating the release of Dear Evan Hansen this weekend, but she’s had an especially exciting and very busy journey to this highly anticipated film.

The movie is the big screen adaptation of the Tony Award winning musical that sees Ben Platt returning to the title role. Evan Hansen is a high school student struggling with anxiety. His therapist suggests he write letters to himself, but one day, a troubled, school outcast named Connor (Colton Ryan) takes one of those personal and very private letters. Soon after, Connor takes his own life and when Connor’s mother (Amy Adams) finds Evan’s letter, she assumes Connor wrote it to Evan and that they were close friends. Evan plays along and perpetuates the lie in an attempt to ease her pain, and do the same for Connor's sister, Zoe (Dever), as well.

During our Collider Ladies Night conversation, Dever took some time to revisit the beginnings of her career and offer some insight into how her hopes and expectations for “making it” in the industry have changed. Check out this edition of Ladies Night to hear all about some of her earliest auditions, including Justified, what it was like working with Kathryn Bigelow on Detroit, what made Ben Platt a standout scene partner on Dear Evan Hansen and loads more!

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