Is the WNBA set to expand to Toronto? w/ Crina Mustafa of Locked On Women's Basketball


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In Episode 1018, Sean is joined by Crina Mustafa (Unbenched Sports, Locked On Women's Basketball) to talk about the potential of the WNBA expanding to Toronto and why it's kind of a no brainer move for the league and the potential ownership group. They dig into the reasons why expansion is a hot button issue in the WNBA as the talent and popularity of the league have soared in recent years. Next, they talk about the factors that make Toronto an obvious destination for an expansion team. Lastly, they dig into what they each think the team should be called, the colour scheme they'd like to see, and the types of mascots they're hoping to see brought to life. The Toronto Huskies? The Toronto Smoke? Something else entirely? The possibilities are endless!

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