Clashing of the Rams


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This week Melissa is thrilled to be joined by The Athletic's Jourdan Rodrigue (12:24) to dive into her deeply layered and reported feature on Sean McVay's decision last season to sleep with the enemy and bring in defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, a product of the Vic Fangio defensive tree that had figured out the Rams offense. Was it a catalyst for exposing offensive weaknesses and leading McVay to Matthew Stafford? Jourdan also talks about the 8-month process of writing the feature, which included over 200 emails sent to herself int the middle of the night. She also shares her impressions of the Rams' Week 1 victory over the Bears and the debut of fans at SoFi Stadium. Melissa also opens the show with thoughts on Aaron Rodgers, the Steelers defense and why a QB switch is far more urgent in Chicago than San Francisco. Jourdan's McVay/Staley feature: Please leave the TFG Podcast a great rating and review! Thank you!

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