Vinicius and Benzema blitz Celta Vigo; Real Madrid Femenino lose to Atletico Madrid


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This episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast comes in two parts.

Part One: Kiyan Sobhani and Matt Wiltse break down Real Madrid's 5 - 2 win over Real Betis

  • Lots of goals, bad defense, high entertainment
  • Karim Benzema reliance
  • Carlo Ancelotti's post-game quotes about Real Madrid's defense
  • The team's press and defensive gambles
  • Vinicius Jr's performance
  • Karim Benzema's performance
  • Eden Hazard's performance
  • Miguel Gutierrez's performance
  • A breakdown of the goals
  • Luka Modric's performance
  • Interesting tactical wrinkles
  • How worried are we about burn out?
  • Thibaut Courtois's long balls
  • Carlo's subs
  • Santiago Bernabeu atmosphere
  • ESPN issues
  • And more

Part Two (): Grant Little and Om Arvind break down Real Madrid Femenino's 0 - 2 loss to Atletico Madrid

  • Thoughts on the starting lineup and Nahikari García as a right-winger
  • Breaking down the mistakes on the first goal
  • The physical demands on the players
  • Were Real Madrid Femenino that good in the first half?
  • Atlético Madrid managing game state
  • Claudia Zornoza’s passing issues
  • The intro and background to the Esther González vs. Nahikari García debate, where every single angle gets covered (seriously)
  • The need for a heavily nuanced discussion around Esther and Nahikari
  • Explaining who Nahikari and Esther are as players and how their strengths match (or don’t) with their stylistic tendencies
  • Why there is some incompatibility between Nahikari and Esther
  • Whether we can really argue that all of Nahikari’s problems are because of Esther
  • Esther’s box movement vs. Nahikari’s
  • How playing Nahikari as a right-winger made everything worse
  • Why Esther and Caroline Møller Hansen’s compatibility was the bigger issue vs. Atleti rather than Esther and Nahikari’s
  • The two ways to solve the Esther vs. Nahikari issue and which one is better
  • Esther playing differently with Spain and how that informs this discussion
  • Which key individuals have the dressing room power
  • The need to set biases aside as fans
  • Om being the Esther of the podcast and Grant being the most portable co-host of all time
  • Back to the game! Oscar Fernández’s substitution masterclass in the second half
  • Thembi Kgatlana’s terrifying impact
  • Maitane’s tactical fouling
  • How Maitane’s brilliant tackling created Atleti’s second goal
  • On Las Blancas’ schedule, fixture congestion, and the injury situation not set to get any easier in the future
  • Explaining the TV rights mess in detail and why we might not be able to watch certain games
  • Spain’s women footballers fighting against all obstacles to grow the sport
  • Why women’s football will win

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