Are You Toxic in Relationships? - Pt. 2


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A lot of women will avoid this episode. I’m sure it will do really low download numbers but I am still committed to telling the truth. Not what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

Let’s start here: Please, please don’t let your perpetually single friends or this Queen Mentality keep you from the awareness you need to get the partner you really want. I need you to listen in to this episode.

I was every single thing I talk about in this episode, so trust when I say this is not about judgment or blame. We behave and think in these ways because we are hurting and searching for a way out. We believe these ways will protect us, when really it only harms us further. Hopefully this episode encourages you to do something about it. When I did, it changed everything for me!

“Toxic women in relationships” - here’s what I’m getting into:

-hot and cold/non-committal


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