"They Needed The Black Best Friend" + Awkwafina, Beanie Feldstein, Lizzo, Heidi Montag, Travis Barker, Michael B Jordan, + Bachelor In Paradise Recap


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Awkwafina is being dragged everywhere for the blackest. Will this affect Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings? (4:34-13:02), Beanie Feldstein getting the role of Lea Michelle dreams (13:05-17:32), The hurtful words that have caused Lizzo to speak out against fatphobia (17:40-25:40), The 00s drama of our dreams Heidi Montag at it again with Lauren Conrad's name in her mouth (24:45-37:54), Travis Barker on a flight for the first time in 13 years (37:57-45:04), Is Michael B Jordan is the next Denzel Washington? (45:10-54:52), and we are back with the Bachelor in Paradise recaps, baby! (54:57-1:15:40)
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