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It is, truly, an epic climb up the Cabed Rhimdath. You think you know the Misty Mountains, having been up and down them, north and south, east and west, at least a dozen times, but the old rock, erected in the long ago of the Years of the Trees, still keeps her secrets. These peaks were lifted out of the ground by Melkor, Morgoth, the original big bad, way back when as a hindrance to Orome, the Valar who went often abroad on his horse in search of the Firstborn. They’re shorter now but still menacing, still sheer and crafty, still a hindrance -- especially to us mortals!

What could there be on the other side of this foggy and wretched crag? Well, hobbits of course! It’s Lyndelby and you are listening to Beneath Your Feet.

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