Panel Debate: What is Jamstack?


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"The Jamstack" was coined back in 2016, originally defined as: A modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.

But most websites are built with this architecture, which is why the Jamstack definition continues to evolve. Some say we should flat out stop using the term, others say it’s a spectrum of available capabilities, and many see it as a unifying term that helps bring a larger community together.

While our panelists have different opinions, it’s agreed upon that the end results is the same: whether you’re a small or enterprise site, you still want to produce a great website for users and developers.

Watch Jeff Escalante (HashiCorp), Sean C. Davis (Stackbit), Brian Rinaldi (StepZen), Miriam Schwab (Strattic), and Ishan Anand (Layer0) debate the Jamstack definition in a panel moderated by Mark Brocato (Layer0).

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