Episode 268: Unfunc Your Gut With Dr. Peter Kozlowski, MD


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Welcome back!
In this week's episode, my special guest is Dr. Peter Kozlowski, MD, author of the brand new book Unfunc Your Gut. Unfunc Your Gut encapsulates Dr. Peter Kozlowski, MD's heart-centered, patient-first approach in the groundbreaking field of Functional Medicine. In simple terms, he offers a research-based fusion of medical insights with mental, emotional and spiritual wisdom acquired through his own addiction recovery and healing journey. Doc Koz guides us off the Internet to seek and find real answers to "what's going on with my health?" and empowers us with practical strategies (and delicious recipes!) to achieve authentic balance of body, mind and spirit.
In our conversation, Dr. K and I cover :
Common maladies for ageless athletes
The secret behind gut health
How the way think affects how your body works
Healing Trauma
and so much more!
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Dr. K's book:
0:00 intro
1:09 What is Unfunc your gut?
5:09 How is being being a medical doctor different from functional medicine?
7:00 "we lost control of preventive disease"
8:40 Common causes of disease
9:50 Mental, Emotional, Spiritual
11:00 There are more neurons in our gut than in our brain!
14:00 Toxins, mold, and heavy metals
18:00 Assessment
20:00 SIBO
24:00 Fibromyalgia
30:00 Trauma
32:00 Dr. K's Personal Story
36:00 Dr. K's Role in Medicine
38:00 Elimination Diets
40:00 Issues with Recovery
44:00 Conscious vs. Subconscious
49:00 Is Alcohol ok?
51:00 How to fix yourself with Elimination diet

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