On the Move with Begüm Başdaş: Germany's migration policies after Merkel / Guest Wiebke Judith


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This week Begüm Başdaş talked with Wiebke Judith, Legal Policy Advisor for the NGO Pro Asyl about how Germany’s migration policies might shift after Merkel retires in 2021 Fall elections. Judith responded to Başdaş’ questions on the future of EU-Turkey migration deal in relation to the emerging criticisms in Turkey by the leaders of oppositional political parties. Judith said that there is a significant consensus among human rights organizations in Germany that EU-Turkey deal is indeed a violation of international norms. She argued that “EU violates refugees’ need to protection at the borders” and added, “EU has to do more resettlement through legal and safe ways, and the individual right to seek asylum when refugees arrive in Europe has to be protected.” On the escalation of violence in Afghanistan and the increased numbers of Afghans who are trying to leave the country, Judith argued that for the EU “this is the problem with the safe third country concept, where what happens in Afghanistan is totally excluded at that point. It is only about can you return them back to Turkey. This is really worrying.” Furthermore, she commented that “Germany must stop the forced returns of Afghans and people should get protection status in Germany.” Wiebke Judith works as a Legal Policy Advisor for the NGO PRO ASYL on German and European asylum law and politics. She holds an LL.M. degree in European and International Human Rights Law and previously worked with Amnesty International in Germany on refugee politics and asylum law.

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