See Hear Podcast Episode 86 - The Sparks Brothers


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I Predict that When I'm With You, there will be no Existential Threat unless we're Eaten By The Monster Of Love in this Cool World.

Welcome to episode 86 of See Hear Podcast.

Edgar Wright has been known to use music to great effect in his narrative films, so it's only appropriate that he makes a music-related documentary. The Sparks Brothers tells the tale of brothers Ron and Russell Mael who as Sparks have been writing and recording albums for nearly 5 decades. Unlike so many musicians who had an initial creative flourish then lose sight of their muse, the Maels are still creating great music right up to today.

Due to a peculiar turn of events, Tim, Bernard and Maurice handed the keys to the See Hear car over to friends of the show Mike White of the Projection Booth Podcast and musician / documentarian Skizz Cyzyk. These guys are the best, and we felt completely comfortable leaving the show in their professional hands. As a bonus, Mike also presents an interview with the film's editor Paul Trewartha. It's a fascinating discussion about his involvement with the film as well as the editing process in general.

The regular crew will definitely be back next month to carry on with regular podcast shenanigans (which may be bad news if you've enjoyed the high standard brought by Mike and Skizz). You can find all things Booth-ian (except Frank) at

You can follow Skizz' activities at Our huge thanks go to the gents for sailing our ship.

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