PPI #156: 10 Daily Practices to Increase Mental Toughness


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10 Daily Practices to Increase Mental Toughness // If you want to learn how to develop a strong mind then check out this motivational video from peak performance expert Eric Partaker. Here are 10 signs and habits of mentally strong people which help provide inspiration for you to build incredible resilience and mental toughness.

Do You Take Cold Showers? - Build up your ability over time to take cold showers daily. It provides multiple health benefits, as well as the ability, and mental toughness to handle stress.

Eliminate Digital Distractions - Limit the times when you're using apps. Remove them from your phone, turn notifications off or schedule set times of the day to use them. Constantly engrossing yourself in apps, comparing yourself to others, and being constantly distracted, weakens the mind.

Dare To Move! - Bodies are built for movement. Mobility is absolutely key to maintaining a positive hormone balance. If you're not moving throughout the day it will have a negative impact on your mind.

Exercise Your Mind, Read! - Reading helps you develop your focus. You will be much better prepared to survive challenge, and to get through obstacles when you have the ability to get into focus zone.

Schedule A Meeting With Yourself! - Gather your thoughts, think through, what are the things that are going well today. What's not going so well? How might I change the direction in which things are headed, or the way in which I want to experience the rest of this day?

Be The Boss Of Food! - When you’re hungry, don't eat right away! This is an effective tool in practicing your ability to tolerate challenge. Use it as a way to develop your mental toughness.

Self-Talk Is Your Power - When challenging moments appear, practice the phrase ‘Bring It On!’ Step into the direction of stress. Embrace stress. Look forward to it!

Gratitude Is The Best Attitude - Make sure that you just take a moment to be grateful for the things that you do have. This awareness will help sustain you during the times when you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for.

Your Life Is 100% Your Responsibility! - Take full responsibility and ownership for your life. Whether or not you achieve your goals, your reactions to situations, and whether you showed up at your best. If you fall down, just stand right back up and go at it again.

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