What separates the open-mic from professional comedians


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Todays guest is arising star of the mainstream and urban comedy circuit, Darran Griffiths. He is a comedian, host and podcaster born and raised in Harlow, to Jamaican parents, he has a blend of Caribbean confidence and Essex irreverence. Flagrant, thought-provoking and funny.

In this interview we talk about growing up as a minority in a predominately very white, post war town in Essex, Harlow. How he stumbled into comedy through a self-help workshop, the problems with self-help, what separates open-mic from pro acts, how the urban and mainstream circuit work. It is a very informative episode looking at the beliefs, mindsets and attitudes that are needed to grow fast in the industry, but also how to have long-term lasting success, without the side effects that may occur.

If you would like to find out more about Darran, you can reach him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at griffthejoker, check him out on darrangriffiths.com or you can listen to him on his podcast,"Griff's Brain Dump," at https://spoti.fi/3qiOy4t.

If you would like to more about Marvin, you can reach him on social media at riceandchips1, or you can email him on info@instant-laughs.com and you come to his comedy club at instant-laughs.com.

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