Giants Have A Lot Of Outfield Options All Of A Sudden


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Andrew Baggarly & Grant Brisbee are going to talk about the Giants 4 game sweep of the lowly Arizona D-backs, many options in the outfield & Sammy Long's role. Giants take 4 straight from the D-backs and they guys talk about how bad Arizona is. Giants did what good teams are supposed to do and beat the bad teams. The Giants had an amazing comeback on Tuesday night with Yaz winning it with a Grand Slam late. Andy talks about how cool it was to see the crowd's reaction to the win live. The Giants now have a lot of good quality depth in the outfield with a few players close to coming back off the IL. What do they think the team might do with so many options, but not enough roster spots? And they talk about what is the team's plan with Sammy Long and how they thought he should've started the game on Tuesday.

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