Ep. 60: Pivot Panel - Vegans in Copywriting


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Guests: Sandra Nomoto and Ana Mexia

Focus of panel: Sandra and Ana have both niched down their services and prioritize working with vegan and sustainable companies, it might be interesting to focus on that—the pros and cons to this approach and how other vegan professionals can transition to a vegan client roster while still paying the bills.

Description: Join us for our upcoming panel discussion, Vegans in Copywriting with panelists Sandra Nomoto, The Content Doctor, and Ana Mexia of Copy That Co, both professional copywriters and content creators who focus on working with clients who align with their ethics. The discussion will cover topics such as marketing, how niching down your services can work to your advantage, and being a part of a community.

Sandra Bio: “The Content Doctor” Sandra Nomoto is a content writer and editor for cruelty-free businesses, and copyeditor, ghostwriter, and book formatter for authors. After earning her university degree, she worked in the public relations industry for 13 years. During that time, she launched Conscious Public Relations Inc. at the age of 25. Over the 10 years in business, Nomoto was awarded the 2009 Volunteer of the Year by Women In Film & Television Vancouver, earned B Corporation® certification, and contributed to eWomenNetwork Vancouver earning the Best Social Media and Community Engagement Award. She has served on the boards of the Vancouver Short Film Festival and Vancouver Mural Festival. Nomoto authored The Only Public Relations Guide You’ll Ever Need in 2019, and writes on vegan lifestyle at SandraNomoto.com and for Cold Tea Collective.

Ana Bio: She is a professional copywriter and content creator. Her niche is sustainability—she works with sustainable businesses to help them reach wider audiences and spread the word about their products and mission. She strives to grow awareness about the climate crisis by working with businesses who are aligned with her values. And using her writing skills to help them grow. On her site, she has a blog where she writes about sustainable living, climate change, environmental injustice, plant-based eating, etc. hoping to create an impact and be a source of quality information on these issues.

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