Is your Refrigerator running? feat. N64 Josh from Nintendo Power Cast -Nintendo Pals Podcast Episode 40‪‪-


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Introduce ourselves

Welcome N64 Josh from the Nintendo Power Cast


-Whatcha Playin?

Here we talk about what games we are currently playing.

-Nintendo News:

  • Nintendo sending out surveys on pricing for games like Wario ware, brain age,
  • Shin megami tendai 5 release date accidentally leaks ahead of E3 for November 11th
  • Nintendo digital eShop sales event set to happen right after E3 event
  • Nintendo updates firmware to 12.0.3. pulls it back momentarily then resumes distribution

-The Rumor Mill:

  • Fortnite leaked says Samus is a no-go for fortnite. Allegedly that epic wasn't able to get the rights to put her in their game.

-Community Corner

  • From Bruce on discord: Are you going to talk about Pikmin four?
  • From elpeedee on discord: I mean, there HAS to be pikmin news this E3. if it's not Pikmin 4, what do you hope it'd be. a Party esque game? maybe an Animal Crossing like world building game where you clear space for settlers?


Thanks for listening!

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