Ep. 58: Andrew Alexander, Helping People Care About Heart Health with Plant-Based Foods


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The purpose of VeganHealthPack.com is to help people pay more attention to their health. Our subscription boxes contain nutrient-rich foods with new themes every month, helping people consume foods that provide them more essential vitamins and minerals and shift away from junk food diets.

The business actually started off as an all-natural hangover solution. Shortly after departing my marketing role with another company, I had my first 625 units of artichoke leaf extract powder shipped to my house in North Carolina. While traveling through South America, legend has it that this cured hangovers. I tried it and it worked so I decided to start a business out of it!

The day it got approved to sell on Amazon, the FDA ruled that hangover cures are illegal unless they are registered as drugs. My business idea stopped in it's tracks.

Shortly after, I founded Vegan Health Pack as a monthly subscription box that help people get all-natural sources of B12, Calcium, Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc, Protein, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. I brought together many companies products and sold it as a subscription box. Through covid, many of them couldn't supply the product anymore.

So I came across and article where artichoke leaf extract was clinically proven to lower cholesterol vs. a placebo. After speaking with marketing and branding experts, I've pivoted the company to turn the business into natural plant-based foods that help with cholesterol, heart health, and I have ambitious plans to build out a line of natural WFPB products that people can eat and enjoy.

I'm sure there are many pivots ahead, but it's a lesson that the original plan you have in business is always changing and, in my opinion, for the better. To help people give up junk foods and pay attention to their health through plant-based foods is a great direction to now be headed in.

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