EP 184: 7th & 8th Doctor Radio Times lists and other Big Finish News


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Welcome to The Doctor Who: Alhambra Podcast, our Doctor Who centric podcast that discusses the recent DW and Big Finish news, reviewing Doctor Who audios from Big Finish, both classic and new series Doctor Who episodes, and much more!

In this podcast, Brett, Liam, Legeon, and Humphrey discuss the latest Big Finish announcement of some of their future releases. Touch on the Scribe Awards briefly. Then we focus the majority of the podcast discussing the Radio Times Top 5 Big Finish Main Range releases, as voted on by the fans, for both the 7th and 8th Doctor. The podcast ends with our latest Doctor Who RANDOMIZER!

Episode 185 of the podcast will feature our reviews of May 2021's Big Finish releases, as well as Brett's review of the Titan Comic, Missy Issue #3. Episode 186 will focus on our Randomizer results, and a discussion of all the Cybermen episodes in both new and classic who, then concluding with our top 5 favorite episodes.

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  • Episode 184 Synopsis and Intro - 00:00:00
  • Big Finish News
    • Peladon - 00:02:42
    • Philip Hinchcliffe Presents - 00:05:30
    • Missy and The Monk - 00:11:41
    • Scribe Awards - 00:14:04
  • Radio Times Top 5 Seventh Doctor Main Range Poll Results - 00:15:54
  • Our Top 5 Seventh Doctor Main Range Lists - 00:21:34
  • Radio Times Top 5 Eighth Doctor Main Range Poll Results - 00:39:23
  • Our Top 5 Eighth Doctor Main Range Lists - 00:51:02
  • Randomizer - 01:07:30
  • Contact Info & Copyright - 01:11:21

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The Intro/Outro Music "Revolve" is performed by HisBoyElroy

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