PPI #147: How To Be More Confident


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How To Be More Confident // Do you sometimes feel that everyone around you is confident and sure of themselves? If you are wondering what their secret is, it is pretty simple. They understand that having more self esteem and confidence comes from within and that these states are something that you can create. It is a belief in yourself to overcome self doubt and insecurity and you are capable of achieving whatever you want in life.


Knowledge is Power - Learn something new everyday. Schedule it into your calendar before the day begins, whether it's taking a new course, reading, or listening to a podcast.

Take Responsibility For Your Life! - Create your own destiny, design your future, decide what it is that you’re going to do and schedule it into your day. What gets scheduled gets done.

Are You Praising Others? - Develop the habit of looking for an opportunity to give praise and recognition to someone else, whether it professionally or personally. It will slowly start to build your own confidence.

Teach and Give Back - The best way to learn a new skill is to teach it to someone else. It embeds the knowledge in your own head.

Do You Put Others Down? - Recognize if you are making comments that are negative on making those around you feel inferior. You do not need to make others feel less in order to feel more.

Take Advantage of Opportunities - Leap at new opportunities and use it to acquire new skills.

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