Episode 60: Hate Squabbling


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In this episode, we shed a tear as the end is finally here for the Second Doctor. We discuss the second half of The War Games, as the Games themselves come to their shocking conclusion, and some of the oldest questions on the show are about to get answered...

During the episode, Anthony asks how the Doctor has suddenly lost the ability to speak French, Reilly ponders whether Steve Jobs stole the War Lord’s style, Julie talks the differences between Jamie and Arturo’s treatment of women, and Don questions whether the War Lord’s plan actually makes sense. The entire crew discuss the extremely blatant sexual tension between the War Chief and the Security Chief, and how this devolves into what we can only describe as “hate squabbling.”

For those of you who want to watch along with us, this story is available on DVD (Amazon US | Amazon UK), as well as through the BritBox streaming service (US link | UK link)

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