Jim Harter (@Gallup) on Defining the winning traits of Manager


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In this podcast, Jim Harter discussed one of Gallup’s most extended run studies to understand the traits of manager. He sheds light on the qualities of a manager and what all tools and resources they need to succeed. Jim discussed his latest book, “Its the Manager” and how the book is a compilation of some common traits of winning manager. Jim also discussed his journey of leading a sizeable data-centric organization and what all it takes to create a research when you are inundated with data. This is an excellent podcast for data-centric leaders trying to understand the future of data. Timeline: 1:36 Jim’s background. 4:28 What does Gallup do? 6:57 Designing a research report. 10:07 Perspective on evolution of companies. 14:12 Views on gig workers. 16:53 On the book “It’s the manager”. 19:50 Research behind “It’s the manager”. 22:23 Researching managers. 27:17 Managerial traits that can be easily worked on. 30:11 Definition of a hallmark company. 34:00 Surprises while researching “It’s the manager”. 37:44 Ideal reader for “It’s the manager”. 39:21 Thought behind designing “It’s the manager”. 41:24 Limiting the charts from the book. 43:36 Sequal for “It’s the manager”. 45:00 Jim’s success mantra. 47:30 Keeping away from bias. 50:20 Future of research organizations. 54:25 Jim’s favorite reads. 57:42 Closing remarks. Jim’s Book: The Manager https://amzn.to/2ST3Xbe Jim’s Recommended Read: Abram Maslow https://amzn.to/2wu8ERl, Thinking Fast and Slow https://amzn.to/2VdPAkP Peter Drucker https://amzn.to/39LZ3nj Happiness Hypothesis https://amzn.to/2V2Csig Podcast Link: iTunes:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/jim-harter-gallup-on-defining-winning-traits-manager/id1207582205?i=1000465980445 Jim’s BIO: Jim Harter, Ph.D., is Chief Scientist, Workplace for Gallup and co-author of It’s the Manager (Gallup Press; May 7, 2019). He has led more than 1,000 studies of workplace effectiveness, including the largest ongoing meta-analysis of human potential and business unit performance. The bestselling author of 12: The Elements of Great Managing and Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements, Harter, has also published articles in many prominent business and academic journals. About #Podcast: Work 2.0 Podcast is created to spark the conversation around the future of work, worker, and workplace. This podcast invite movers and shakers in the industry who are shaping or helping us understand the transformation in work. Wanna Join? If you or any you know wants to join in, Register your interest by emailing: info@analyticsweek.com Want to sponsor? Email us @ info@analyticsweek.com Keywords: Work 2.0 Podcast, #FutureOfWork, #FutureOfWorker, #FutureOfWorkplace, #Work, #Worker, #Workplace,

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