Episode 181: The Soul Shack (Nov 2020) 15 Yr Anniversary Livestream


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***RARE LIVESTREAM HAPPENING WED. APRIL 28TH 7-10PM EST @ twitch.tv/dj_j_me Tune in and celebrate my birthday with me!***
15 Years! I've been doing this for 15 years! First on Soulstream Networks, then Podomatic, & then 5 yrs ago I started archiving on Mixcloud too. Crazy! 180 episodes! If this were like the last few years, I'd be recording this mix down in Miami under palm trees...but it's 2020, covid sucks, so I figured I'd still try to do something a little special & recorded it as a livestream on Twitch, despite hating being on camera. Thank you to everyone that tuned in live, & for those that couldn't tune in, here's the recording. It's an eclectic "catch up" mix of music I've added to my library since the Summer Soundtrack. Most of it's new stuff, but some older songs that got past me too. Enjoy!
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