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Join Rachel Tranter for this month's Success Story podcast when she speaks to finance expert, Sharon Constancon​ about her journey to the boardroom. Rachel finds out out about her experiences when there and gets her top tips on how to succeed in building a range of non-executive roles. Sharon has had an incredibly successful and varied global career starting in South Africa where she built up an expertise in FOREX management before moving to the UK where she has built up an impressive portfolio of executive and non executive positions. Sharon is CEO of Genius Boards and Genius Methods - a group that offers tailored robust, behaviour focused board evaluations, mentoring, corporate governance services and governance training to many industries. Sharon's portfolio includes being Chair of the South African Chamber of Commerce UK, a committee member for the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, Liveryman and Court Member of the WCCSA and she is a Chartered Director Interviewer with the IOD. She has previously been a non executive with Caban Capital Plc and Buckinghamshire Building Society.

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