Episode 2 , part 1 - "Ghost World" with "The Father" conversation


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pivotalfilmpodcast@gmail.com, www.twitter.com/filmpivotal, www.pivotalfilm.com. We hope everyone is staying healthy, and safe, and strong, and passionate, and as positive as they can. Oh man, oh man…we’re in the top two now folks. First Mario and Tom talk about the one film nominated for a best picture Oscar this year that they had yet to see, Florian Zeller’s adaptation of his own play, “The Father,” starring an amazing Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman (19:50). Then, they get in their time machine and go back to visit the York Square Cinema in New Haven to see Tom’s number 2 where he first saw it: “Ghost World” (56:45). On Tap!!! Something very local and very delicious. From New Haven, Rhythm Brewing Co.’s “Rhythm Red,” an American style unfiltered lager (15:30) - https://rhythmbrewingco.com/ Music Credits: “Her Eyes Play Tricks on the Camera” – Robert Pollard, “Pivotal Film” – Guided by Voices, “Sugarcube” – Yo La Tengo, “Ghost” – Neutral Milk Hotel.

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