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This is headlines by Auscast Tuesday March 2nd 2021.

Im Andy Martin.

PRINCE PHILIP has been transferred to another hospital...where he's expected to spend the week.

The Duke of Edinburgh will continue to be treated for an infection...but will also be tested for a pre-existing heart condition.

This morning, the QUEEN spoke with the Premier of SOUTH AUSTRALIA in a VIDEO CHAT about a statue of her outside Government House in Adelaide.


The federal government is now considering 148 recommendations from the Royal Commission into AGED CARE...after the report was released yesterday.

The minister says the suggested AGED CARE LEVY is still an open discussion.


THOUSANDS are without power in NORTH QUEENSLAND.

CYCLONE NIRAN has now formed off the a category cyclone.

At this stage, it's not expected to make landfall ...but WARNINGS are out for HEAVY RAINFALL and later - winds of up to 100 KMs PER HOUR.


The JOHNSON and JOHNSON COVID VACCINE is being distributed across the US.

4 MILLION DOSES are expected this week alone.


Investigators believe TIGER WOODS may have fallen asleep at the wheel, before last week's CRASH.

That's based on his leg injuries...which show he was pressing on the brake at the time...and the fact he was travelling STRAIGHT, where the road started to CURVE.


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  • GAL GADOT has revealed she's expecting her THIRD CHILD...while HILARIA BALDWIN has hinted at the arrival of her and ALEC's SIXTH child.

  • Lady Gaga's dog walker spoke for the first time since he was shot during last weeks violent kidnapping of the singer's dogs.
    Ryan Fischer says he's recovering well...sharing the story of the third dog who escaped the kidnappers...
    he says little ASIA stayed by his side while he was wounded on the street.

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