The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Debut Episode!


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This week, Katie and I talk planking challenges and FTP tests, and finishing up the winter powerzone challenge. Then, in our POWER-UP segment, we dig into FTP testing during pregnancy with Bec Wassner, who is a pro Triathlete, cycling and triathlon coach with Team Wilpers (yes, as in that Matt Wilpers). And finally, in our POWERHOUSES segment, be prepared to be moved by Katie Kickel Hernandez, who will share her amazing journey of powering her way through a breast cancer diagnosis on her Peloton, and now using her platform to educate other women on genetic testing, which may have saved her life. Once you hear her story, you’ll never want to say, “I’m too tired to workout today” again. Enjoy!


THE POWER UP Segment (addressing FTP testing and training during pregnancy): Starting at 21:55

POWERHOUSES Segment (featuring Katie Kickel Hernadez and her inspiring journey from a breast cancer diagnosis to starting her own nonprofit, and how she used Peloton to power her through it): Starting at 28:06

Find out more about the Powerzone Challenge here:

Here's Katie P's vacation destination (with a 50-meter pool!):

Find out more about Team Wilpers coaching:

Check out Katie H's nonprofit, Knowledge Is Cancer's Kryptonite (KICK):

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