Ula Tang-Plowman: An Apprenticeship MBA and working in Higher Education as a Senior International Officer


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Are you considering doing an MBA in the UK but not sure how to afford it? Are you looking for a highly practical programme? Have you considered an Apprenticeship MBA?
Ula Tang-Plowman, Senior International Officer at the University of Derby joins us today to talk about her Apprenticeship MBA, an alternative to some of the more traditional courses out there. Join us to learn how Ula's experience has been, what she hopes to do with her MBA, and whether an Apprenticeship course is the right option for you.
Many students come to an MBA from banking, consulting, or MNC backgrounds, but what about those that don’t? The Modern MBA podcast with Marie Kirwan and Kristen Rossi shares the stories of those transitioning from or using their MBAs in unorthodox MBA sectors including the arts, healthcare, not-for-profit, academia, and more.

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