Nicole's Vacation Reading Report & Book Expo Update


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Nicole is back from vacation – what did she read while she was gone? (Or when she got back, thanks to the busy nature of her trip?) And Gayle is back from Book Expo 2019, so she shares some thoughts about the annual book fest in NYC. This is the first episode they’ve recorded in a few weeks, so there is a lot to catch up on!

Books mentioned in this episode:
Miracle Creek by Angie Kim
Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane
Three Women by Lisa Tadeo
Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner
Olive by Elizabeth Strout
Little Weirds by Jenny Slate
Red At The Bone by Jacqueline Woodson
Cygnet by Season Butler
Her Daughter’s Mother by Daniela Petrova
The Body In Question by Jill Ciment
The Farm by Joanne Ramos
Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth
Forever Is The Worst Long Time by Camille Pagan
The Perfect Fraud by Ellen LaCorte
The Night Before by Wendy Walker
All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker
Devotion by Madeline Stevens

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